Meet Me In Atlantis (Megan Sebastian)

Author Q & A

A little about yourself

Currently I live in Denver, CO with my husband, two kids, a cat and a dog but that is changing within a matter of months. We are planning a move to the mountains to open a small brewery. It has long been a dream of ours and we almost can’t believe it is finally happening.

What is the motivation to write?

I have never thought of having motivation to write. Writing has always been an outlet, blank paper a great listener. I have only recently had the motivation to share what I write about. It is not exactly mainstream.

Is there a message in your book?

Yes. ESP is real and I think humans are hardwired for it. I wish we could start experimenting with it on a grand scale to see where it could go. I believe the mind is a true frontier, worthy of exploration.

What did you learn from the process?

It has been fascinating from start to finish, an immense learning curve. I am proud to be a part of the emerging indie author movement and I am forever grateful for the self-publishing platforms. I have enjoyed the process so much I am working on a second novel, another visionary fiction, called Tarot Joker.

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