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Short Title: Forbidden Graces
Long Title: Forbidden Graces, Book One, Beginnings
Author(s): Carol Bridges
Publisher: Earth Nation Publishing
ISBN10: 0945111045
ISBN13: 978-0-945111-04-7
Edition Information: first
Language: English
Physical Description: paperback
Description: You will be joyfully uplifted as you read the story of people meeting the challenges of world change in positive ways from the late 1960’s to 2012. Through birth, death and rebirth, they interact in loving consciousness with nature spirits, spiritual guides and each other. The story brings to life the sensual awareness of all things, showing you what life might be like once the consciousness in everything is apparent to you. Two soon to be published books complete the trilogy: Forbidden Graces, Book Two: The Sensuous Longing of God, and Forbidden Graces, Book Three: The Sanctuary of Sex.