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Short Title: Chasing Grace: A Novel of Odd Rdemption
Long Title:
Author(s): Carol Costello
Publisher: New Horizons Library
ISBN10: 0983683719
ISBN13: 978-0-9836837-1-1
Edition Information:
Language: English
Physical Description: 6 x 9 paperback
Description: CHASING GRACE is a raw, humorous look at spiritual coming of age, at unconventional ways to heal deep emotional wounds, and at finding greater purpose in surprising places despite desperate odds.

Cathy Callahan runs away at age ten to escape her mother’s abuse and find God, whom she first met in a Chicago public park when she was six. The next thirty years are a series of funny, brutal, and uplifting adventures that pit her humor and strength against the rage and confusion that make her reckless, desperate, and blind to gray areas.

Cathy searches for love, healing, and wholeness in all the wrong places from Chicago’s North Side to Montana, to Reno, to San Francisco. In the Catholic Church’s byzantine system of salvation and ruler-wielding nuns. In a bakery/brothel run by Mollie, the brassy older woman who “adopts” her. With a good-looking, half-naked guru hawking “I AM Oneness.” With Spirit in the High Rockies and marriage to a sexy, dangerous cowboy. In too much Scotch. She finally stops running and retraces her steps to Chicago, where she faces her demons and finds unexpected grace in the last place she thinks to look.

\”Fine writing, eclectic characters and a gutsy, funny narrator make this fast-paced spiritual coming of age novel a joy to read. This is a page-turner, and proves you don’t need years of therapy or a Himalayan cave to find grace and happiness—even when you are fighting desperate odds. A special treat for Catholics—both recovering and practicing.\”
— Adair Lara, Naked, Drunk, and Writing, writing coach

\”Carol Costello’s acclaimed writing skills emerge razor-sharp in this gripping story of a young woman’s struggle with good and evil. Cathy’s journey is peppered with vivid, oddball characters, leavened with biting humor, and driven by courage and spunk that overcome abuse, alcoholism, bad luck, and flat out evil.\”
— Ruth Chambers, The Chinaberry Album and other novels

\”Chasing Grace is quality fiction that grabs you with its humor and its gritty little narrator. Cathy will do anything to find the one thing she wants in life—a connection with the divine that makes her feel whole, healed, happy, and “real.” She chases grace for 30 years and 2,000 miles until finally it catches her.\”
–Carolyn Ingram, Ed.D., PCC