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Short Title: Paradigms
Long Title: Paradigms
Author(s): Chris McKenna
Publisher: Gypsy Shadow Publishing Company
ISBN10: 0984452192
ISBN13: 978-0984452194
Edition Information:
Physical Description: paperback
Description: In Scotland, in the years after an apocalyptic disaster, the surviving people have reverted to clan life and are living off the carcass of the old world. But not everyone has forgotten the technology of the past and not everyone has forgotten the mystical secrets of the ages gone before. Propelled by an act of compassion, Malcolm, a young clansman, finds himself lost in a land of physical and metaphysical conflict that has changed far more than anyone realised. But which path is the right one? Which Paradigm is real?

For each copy of Paradigms sold, thirty percent of the author’s royalties will be donated to Book Aid international, a charity which sends half a million books to sub-Saharan Africa every year, to support literacy, education and development.

Book Aid International is a charity and a limited company registered in England & Wales, charity number 313869, company number 880754. Registered office 39-41 Coldharbour Lane, London SE5 9NR

Revised edition available as of May 2011