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Short Title: Legs in the Attic
Long Title:
Author(s): Sandra L. Huska
Publisher: Createspace
ISBN10: 143485535X
ISBN13: 978-1434855350
Edition Information: Paperbook
Language: English
Physical Description:
Description: Flight 93 crashed there. Nine trapped coal miners were miraculously rescued there. COINCIDENCE? Or it there something special about Somerset County, Pennsylvania? And just what is the significance of seeing 11:11?

Michelle Grabowski, a divorced English professor, discovers the answers as she struggles with career disillusionment, fibromyalgia, her mother\’s death, and her failed relationships with men. And with the secret behind \”Green Mountain.\” She unwillingly begins a spiritual journey resulting in the startling discovery that God–in response to the toxic pollution destroying our world–is communicating with us in a new, personal and unorthodox way. If we would only notice!

The book takes intriguing historical, political, religious and environmental FACTS and weaves them into a believable tale of ordinary people who rise to a new level of understanding about themselves and their Creator. It\’s an understanding we all must reach if we are to save our polluted planet and stop the epidemic of autoimmune diseases currently overtaking us.

The novel suggests that Southwestern Pennsylvania plays a key role in the divine plan. And then it does something that no work of fiction has ever done before–it reveals to readers a new method of connecting with God that they can actually apply to their own lives! Sometimes truths are better told through fiction. MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW calls it a \”choice pick.\”