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Short Title: Life Afterlife
Long Title: Life Afterlife by Dr Anoop Kumar Diwan
Author(s): Dr Anoop Kumar Diwan
Publisher: Leadstart Publishing Private Limited
ISBN10: 9381576890
ISBN13: 978-9381576892
Edition Information: First
Language: English
Physical Description: Paperback
Description: There is no man on earth who is not curious as to what happens after his death; what happens to his family; is there life after death; will he take re-birth and if yes, will it be as a man only? Besides, all men are intrigued as to whether they will re-unite with their loved ones in any of their later births. Life afterlife captures the journey of one such man, Varun. Varun is a 40-something well-settled man, living happily with his family when the deadly jaws of death suck him into its fold suddenly. Varun meets someone after his death who removes all his doubts, which most men have. In his fascinating journey into the Afterlife, Varun comes across different characters, some known and some unknown. In the end, Varun does get a chance to re-unite with his family, but does he take it? Read on, for most fascinating journey you would have ever made, along with Varun………