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Short Title: The 33rd Sage
Long Title:
Author(s): Geof Spalding
Publisher: Xlibris
ISBN10: 978-1-4653-0072-0
Edition Information: First Edition
Language: English
Physical Description: 8.5 x 5.5 inches
Description: ‘The 33rd Sage,’ is a transformational novel. It is the story of a man who having lost everything, meets and old Chinese mystic who changes his world forever.

This novel is a must read for anybody who has ever asked the big question why am I here and where am I going? Readers will make the journey with Conway as he is transformed from down and out to a person who has a deep understanding of his place in the universe. In a similar vogue to the Celestine Prophecy and the Alchemist this is a story that changes lives.

The story begins when Conway, a 32 year old executive and ex-athlete is told by his specialist that he is allergic to over 90 substances and the doctor cannot offer any hope for his condition. After leaving the surgery he wanders the streets of Richmond in a daze praying to any god who will listen, only to be brought back into the present by a flapping red dragon over the door of a Chinese restaurant. Choosing not to given to his allergies, he walks under the red dragon into the restaurant and into a new life. Here he meets an old Chinese mystic who becomes his teacher and the two of them go forward on a journey that will change Conway forever. The old man teaches him that people are like the seasons and to truly understand them he has to understand the seasons within man and mankind. The old man sends him forward on a quest that changes him and the world around him.

Twenty eight years ago I had chronic fatigue syndrome and overnight I was transformed from a high class athlete and company executive, to someone who could barely stay awake more than an hour at a time. Through strange circumstances I met a teacher who taught me about the teachings of an old Chinese man. He said that if I listened intently to the teachings and lived with them, there would be a day when I would look at someone and truly know them. I would understand instantly their emotional pattern, their health patterns and even know what words to use to communicate to them in their own language. After three years of studying these techniques I met an old Chinese sage on a beach in Bali, who became my mentor and taught me a deeper understanding of man and the seasons. He would make me sit for hours at a time in the snow, so that I could see how the seasons changed from day to day. By watching the seasons I gradually became to understand these same cycles within man and mankind.