Grass Roots Version Book Publishing

What is it?
Grassroots Version Book Publishing is a new model for publishing a book. It works similar to the way software is released in versions as new features and functionality are added. In this case it allows a book to be available to its audience before it is in its final form.

All too often books go into print when there are still errors in the text. This can result in bad reviews until the errors are fixed. It can be quite costly and time consuming to fix these problems after the fact. Grassroots Version Book Publishing engages the audience early on and allows them to participate in the final revisions of a manuscript. This builds momentum before the book is even released and ensures that the final product is error free and on target for it’s audience.

What does it look like?
How you make your book available is ultimately up to you. Software often will start with version 0.1 and work its way to version 1.0 which is fully functional. Each time changes are made the number increases. A small change might result in a 0.01 increase (like from 0.1 to 0.11). Bigger changes would result in a 0.1 increase (like from 0.1 to 0.2). Once version 1.0 is reached, then you have really arrived at the first edition of the book. If everything settles down and seems stable, then it is probably alright to commit the work to print through a POD service or work with a publisher to distribute the work.

Why didn’t I think of that?
You’ll have to answer that one for yourself… I came up with the idea because I was trying to think of the possible advantages ebooks and self-publishing can have over going the traditional route. Having worked in the software and web development world the idea of releasing incremental versions just seemed to make sense.

Can I do it too?
Sure! Simply put the Grassroots Version Book Publishing logo (you can right-click to save it) on your site and have a link back to this page to explain what it is. You can ask questions and get ideas on how to implement it in the forum. I would also like to generate a list of books released in this new way, so use the contact tab to let me know you are participating.

Books Using Grass Roots Version Publishing:
Philosopher’s Liberation (Coming Soon)