Philosopher’s Liberation

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A powerful and enriching novel steeped in both history and eastern philosophy that will lead you through time from Ancient Greece to the French Revolution and more to discover what the past, present, and future holds. This novel is both a dramatic love story that unfolds over many lifetimes as well as a tale of one souls journey to self-realization.

You will be riveted to the pages as you are drawn into the outward turmoil of some of the most pivotal moments in history. See first hand the Ancient Greeks stave off a Persian invasion against ten to one odds and be drawn into the thick of the revolution that brought democracy to France at the high price of many lives.

Philosopher’s Liberation is being published using a radically new method that makes it available in ebook form before it has even reached its final version. This will allow readers to have input into revisions and make suggestions that might make it into the final revisions. This new approach leverages the advantages of the internet to build a strong audience even before the novel is available in print!

Purchasing the novel now will give you access to all past, present and future versions of the book. Your user account will always be able to access the latest downloadable version once you have completed your paypal transaction. Be sure to stop by the forum and give some feedback on the novel. Who knows, your ideas might even make it into the book!

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